French Translation Services

Get global with accurate and reliable French translation services for both Canadian and European French by RN Translations.

The French language is one of the most extensively spoken of the Romance languages. While French was originally spoken in France only, today, it is one among the official languages of Belgium and Canada. It’s widely believed that no dictionary translator can match the deep & contextual understanding and cultural knowledge of a human translator. Our French translators network work into their native English and bilingual skills with complete knowledge of all nuances of French. Their output is then edited and proofread according to European Translation Standard 15038 and ISO9001 to ensure the final version without any traces of “translation hands.”

RN Translations offers

  • French technical translations for all your engineering projects in European and Canadian French.
  • Translate your websites into French, translate your software or apps into French, and your FrameMaker files, InDesign, E-commerce sites into French.
  • We are experts in financial and corporate documentation, legal translations, and proofreading in French.

Why choose us?

At RN Translations, our goal is to always generate accurate results on time, conveying the meaning of the original context faithfully. When it comes to French medical and technical translations, the translators on our platform concentrate on the message rather than the form. However, with business and marketing translations, they follow the rules accompanied by an imaginative approach to producing fast turnaround French translation services that help your business spread globally.

RN Translations assure nothing but accuracy and quality

  • Our French translation services will commit to the translation format you require.
  • Our French language translations use server-based English dictionary systems that assist us in helping you save time and money.
  • We deliver you a ready-for-press, highly accurate French translation.
  • Our French translation work won’t need any revisions or cross-checking from any other source.